World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Prerequisites for Training - some items are exemptible so price varies:
1. An eight (8) hour on-line Jet Transition Course - $482
2. A one (1) day Flight Skills Assessment in an aircraft of your choice - $1000 plus expenses
3. An at-home study program to facilitate pre-study of aircraft systems and standard operations - Included

Type Rating Ground and Flight Training - $12,800 plus expenses: (discounts available)
Normally a ten (10) day ground and flight training program consisting of classroom instruction, cockpit procedures, and a minimum of 16 hours and seven (7) flights of flight training done in your aircraft (or ours). Extra days of training in order for the pilot to demonstrate to the FAA Practical Test Standards to obtain an instructor recommendation are additional.

FAA Check Ride by on-staff DPE- $2500 plus expenses (optional):
One (1) day FAA check ride performed by our on-staff DPE
Alternate option - Can be performed by an FAA Inspector at the Inspector's location at no charge

Mentoring - $1000 per day plus expenses (exemptions are possible):
One (1) to seven (7) days of Mentoring depending on pilot's previous experience.

Upset Revovery Ground and Flight Training - prices vary based on several options:
A one (1) or two (2) day Emergency Situations Training program to include in-aircraft upset recovery flight training and aviation physiology training. Can be completed anytime prior to completion of Mentoring.
Norton Aviation offers the only complete Eclipse 500 training programs in the world that not only have FAA approved flight training but also offer the FAA Check Ride through our on-staff Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE). The programs are approved for all versions of the Eclipse from AVIO 1.0 to IFMS 2.7.
The Eclipse 500 Initial Type Rating Training is unique in that it is governed by the FAA through an operating limitation in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). This AFM limitation mandates specific pilot training requirements that must be accomplished in order to operate the Eclipse 500 as Pilot In Command (PIC). Norton Aviation's training program meets these requirements by offering a building block approach that takes advantage of self-paced at-home and on-line studying plus flexible flight training that can be accomplished in your aircraft or ours at your own home base and on your time schedule. Every enrolled pilot must meet the FAA minimum certificate requirement of a private pilot single engine airplane with instrument rating or foreign pilot equivalent. Our program consists of:
Norton Aviation's FAA and insurance approved recurrent training program consists of the at-home study program (the only prerequisite) and two days of ground and flight training (2 flights) in your aircraft.
As you can see, our FAA (and Insurance) approved Eclipse training programs are very comprehensive and offer every pilot from private to professional a thorough understanding of not only the Eclipse 500, but real-world safe flying practices. Our programs are designed to provide one-on-one personal training by professional aviators instructing each pilot at their own pace, at their location, and on their own schedule.
$3800 plus expenses (discounts available)