World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Eclipse 500 and Phenom 100/300

Eclipse 500 - $2500 (one day) plus expenses
Phenom 100 - $3000 (one day) plus expenses
Phenom 300 - $3500 (one day) plus expenses
Norton Aviation is the only Eclipse and Phenom training provider that offers the ability to accomplish the FAA Type Rating check ride in conjuction with the training by having an on-staff DPE. The check ride can be accomplished at your location on your schedule. The Type Rating test consists of a 2 to 4 hour ground oral exam followed by a 2 to 2.5 hour flight practical test. Following the successful completion of the test, you will receive a temporary pilot certificate, and if required, can begin mentoring immediately.

Additionally, Norton Aviation's DPE can issue Second-In-Command (SIC) Type Ratings, 61.58 Pilot Proficiency Checks, ATP and Commercial ratings. Please call for more details on additional ratings.

We will always try to minimize the time spent traveling for the DPE, but in some cases depending on commercial flight schedules and your location, there will be a $1000 travel day fee per day if traveling goes beyond the one day check ride.