Shari Meyer

Director Customer Service

Shari has been involved in general aviation for over 27 years and is an Eclipse type-rated pilot as well as typed in the CE-525.

She came from the piston world, flying single and multi-engine airplanes, so she is keenly aware of what it takes for a piston pilot to transition to a jet and enjoys advising piston pilots how to ease their transition into jets.

Shari’s background is in the medical industry as an administrator for a surgery center. She spent most of her time either in the operating room or running the business end of the center. Having burned out from the red tape of medicine, she retired from the medical field in 1998 and increasingly turned her attention to aviation. She organized the highly successful first three Eclipse Owners Group Fly-ins at Sun River, OR, Branson, MO, and Horseshoe Bay, TX. Dealing closely with Eclipse and Phenom owners has afforded her a great opportunity to understand the training needs of light jet pilots, particularly of those making the initial transition into a jet.

Shari along with her husband Ken split their time between Chester, CA and Wickenburg, AZ. When not flying or working, she can usually be found hiking a mountain, playing golf, traveling, reading a good book or cooking.

Shari Meyer

Shari Meyer

Director of Customer Service

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