Phenom 100

Personalized Training Programs

Phenom 100 Personalized Training Programs

Norton Aviation offers complete Phenom 100 training programs that not only offers flight training but also offer the FAA Check Ride through our on-staff Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE).

Our Phenom 100 training programs are very comprehensive and offer every pilot from private to professional a thorough understanding of not only the Phenom 100, but real-world safe flying practices. Our programs are designed to provide one-on-one personal training by professional aviators instructing each pilot at their own pace, at their location, and on their own schedule.

Prerequisites for Initial Type Rating Training

Before a pilot can begin Norton Aviation’s Phenom 100 Initial Type Rating Training Program, the pilot must hold a minimum of a Private Pilot certificate single engine airplane with instrument rating or foreign license equivalent. Please call us if you do not hold the minimum ratings and we can explain your options.

At-Home Study Program for Phenom 100


The at-home study program for the Phenom 100 consists of directed study materials that are available online. These will guide you through your Phenom 100 Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) and Standard Operating Procedures as well as prepare you for your ground and flight training and assist you in preparation for your FAA oral exam. This information will be reinforced in the one-on-one classroom training at the start of your type rating or recurrent training.

Phenom 100 Type Rating Ground & Flight Training

Accelerated/Transition course

Four (4) day Ground and Flight Training 

$10,800 plus expenses

This course is designed for highly experienced jet time pilots with one or more previous type ratings and highly experienced with the G1000/3000 avionics suite. The program includes home study materials, one day of classroom and cockpit instruction followed by three days of flight instruction consisting of five flights. Any additional days needed to demonstrate to ATP standards are $1,700 per day plus expenses. 


Seven (7) day Ground and Flight Training 

$15,300 plus expenses 

This course is designed for the majority of all pilots and owner/operators holding a minimum of a private pilot certificate with multi-engine and instrument ratings and familiarity with the Garmin line of Avionics. The program includes home study materials, two days of classroom and cockpit ground instruction followed by five days of flight instruction consisting of a minimum of seven flights. Any additional days needed to demonstrate to ATP standards are $1,500 per day plus expenses.




Call us for a personalized program to fit your needs 

Pre-simulator course training, Supervised Operating Experience (SOE) training, Second in Command training and endorsement, on-going training to fit your busy schedule, multi-engine and instrument training, and more… 

Phenom 100 Mentoring Program

$1,500 per day plus expenses

Make your transition from the training environment into the real world of flying across the U.S. or abroad safe, enjoyable, and informative. We can mentor you until you (or your insurance provider) feels comfortable. Most pilots take between one (1) to seven (7) days to feel confident in single pilot operations.

Norton Aviation’s mentor pilots have been flying their entire lives and can teach you the professional’s tricks of the trade with skills like flight planning, fuel planning, weather avoidance, long range procedures, FBO procedures, international procedures (if desired), RVSM operations, short field operations, and busy Class B airspace arrivals and departures.

We have found time and time again that at first some pilots are reluctant to believe the benefits of mentoring, but once accomplished, they are so glad they did and end up continuing a collaborative relationship with their mentor pilot. Our mentor pilots are a great resource and just a phone call away to answer questions or just to tell a good story to a fellow aviator even years after you earn your type rating.

Phenom 100 Annual Recurrent Training Program & 61.58 FAA Check Ride

$6,000 plus expenses

Accepted by most insurance underwriters, this two-day course refreshes all the maneuvers you learned in your initial training and more, but don’t get to practice in your real-world flying. You will get a chance to exercise all the systems you don’t usually use in normal flight and all on your schedule and location.

Our program will not only bring you up to date on your systems knowledge and instrument skills, but you will learn more about your Phenom 100 than you were ever taught in your initial type rating training. By building on what you already know, we will dive in deeper to how the Phenom 100 operates.

Although the program reviews some maneuvers you may rarely do in normal flying, there is room to tailor the training to your specific needs and desires. We cover everything from short field practice, flying in busy airspace, more efficient use of your iPad, and panel equipment in flight.

The training is performed at your location on your schedule.  This will incur a travel day or two at $1100 per day for the instructor.  You will find the learning atmosphere is very relaxed and includes the annual FAR 61.58 FAA check. Besides meeting the recurrent training and FAR 61.58 Pilot Proficiency Check requirements, our instructor, who is also an on-staff Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) or Pilot Proficiency Examiner (PPE), will be able to endorse you for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) if desired.


Phenom 100 Additional Training Days

$1,500 per day 

Quite often, pilots need additional training days in order to demonstrate the skills necessary to pass the FAA check ride. There is no direct relationship between a pilot’s total hour experience and additional training needed.  It is based more on the quality and consistency of flying and the types of aircraft flown. Practically speaking, your instructor must observe you demonstrate the ability to pass your checkride before you are recommended to take your FAA type rating practical test.

Norton Aviation instructors realize that this situation places a lot of trust and fiscal responsibility upon the recommendation for the check ride and we strive to accomplish this in the minimum amount of time and at the lowest cost to the pilot. Our priority is for each pilot we send for a check ride to pass the first time with confidence.

Training programs specifically designed to be as efficient & comfortable as possible

Norton Aviation’s training programs are specifically designed to train on your schedule at your location.  If you require additional days off that were not originally scheduled, there will be a modest fee of $1100 per day to cover the instructor’s down day pay. Any down days due to weather or unscheduled aircraft maintenance will normally become opportunities for a day off or ground training such as practice orals or brushing up on any weak knowledge areas.  Training at your location may require dedicated travel days for the instructor depending on the commercial flight schedules. Any travel day that is not in conjunction with a training day will be charged $1100 per travel day.

Budgeting for Instructor Expenses

Norton Aviation realizes that training in the aircraft can get very expensive and we will try to reduce costs to the customer as much as possible. One way we can do this is by keeping our expenses to a minimum. We use the lowest airfares, hotels, and rental cars available and we will accept any suggestions from our customers to reduce costs.

Below is a rough estimate from our experience as to the range of instructor expenses. Realize that these costs can vary widely depending on location of training.

Air Transportation:

$600 to $800 Round trip

Ground Transportation (Rental Car):

$30 to $50 per day


$90 to $150 per night


$25 to $45 per day

For a two day recurrent the total expenses would average – $1,200
For the minimum 7 day Type Rating training program the average total expenses – $2,500

FAA DPE services


Phenom 100 – $3,500 (one day) plus expenses

Norton Aviation is the only Phenom training provider that offers the ability to accomplish the FAA Type Rating check ride in conjunction with the training by having an on-staff DPE. The check ride can be accomplished at your location on your schedule. The Type Rating test consists of a 2 to 4 hour ground oral exam followed by a 2 to 2.5 hour flight practical test. Following the successful completion of the test, you will receive a temporary pilot certificate, and if required, can begin mentoring immediately.

Norton Aviation offers the Phenom 100 FAR 61.58 Pilot Proficiency Check performed by our on-staff DPE or PPE for $3,500. This is a standalone FAR 61.58 check without our full recurrent training program. 

Additionally, Norton Aviation’s DPE can issue Second-In-Command (SIC) Type Ratings, ATP and Commercial ratings. Please call for more details on additional ratings.

We will always try to minimize the time spent traveling for the DPE, but in some cases depending on commercial flight schedules and your location, there will be a $1,100 travel day fee per day if traveling goes beyond the one day check ride.

Pilot services


Call for your Individual Mission Price Quote

Norton Aviation’s pilots and instructors have a broad experience in international operations to include ferrying General Aviation aircraft over the oceans and operating in all kinds of foreign airspace. Our pilots have flown in places like South America, North America, North Atlantic, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Russia.

We can either mentor you or your pilot on a trip or deliver your airplane to your hangar anywhere in the world. We can make your trip a pleasant and rewarding experience rather than a challenge in learning all the ins and outs and challenges to international flying.

Please call us for more details on your specific needs and let us quote you a price that fits your budget.

Companion training


$1,350 – In conjunction with another training event

$1,750 – Stand-Alone Training

The companion course is approximately a half to 3/4 day and is designed to give your jet companion or passenger the confidence and peace of mind.  The course consists of approximately 1-2 hours of classroom instruction followed by 45 minutes of cockpit familiarization. The course includes a 30 to 45 minute flight where the companion will use a detailed checklist (that you keep in the aircraft) to contact ATC and program the autopilot to fly an ILS to landing.

We understand that most companions are hesitant to think about this situation, so our course is focused on having fun in the process while learning a valuable skill.  After completing this course some companions will go further to learn additional skills to assist the pilot during everyday flying.

We recommend this course be accomplished in conjunction with the pilot’s training (initial or recurrent) to minimize the cost of the instructor and expenses, but we can schedule it as a separate event if desired.

Lease a jet for training


Norton Aviation can sometimes provide an Eclipse or Phenom aircraft for your entire training or in the event you need it if your aircraft is down for maintenance. Our network of owners allows us to provide our customers with an aircraft for training if and when an aircraft is available.

Call us for availability, price, and locations.

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